Program Information

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We are a licensed facility with the state of Tennessee and we are a 3-star center which is the highest rating offered. We have received awards for Best Child Care in Bartlett and we receive awards through St. Jude for participation in the Trike-a-thon and Penny War.

9:30a-2:30p Preschool

Children ages PK 2 to PK 5. We also have CAMPS (Chapel, Art, Music, PE, and Spanish) to offer a well-rounded approach to teaching your children. We also bring many fun activities such as Mrs. Rainbow, Memphis Symphony, traveling pumpkin patch, holiday parties, etc.

Full Day Child Care

Children ages 6 weeks to PK-5. This is a curriculum-based preschool program, using Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. We also have CAMPS (Chapel, Art, Music, PE, and Spanish) to offer a well-rounded approach to teaching your children. We follow Bartlett City Schools schedule. Any time that Bartlett City Schools is closed, our Full Day Child Care is closed.

Extended Care

Students can be dropped off at GPCC as early as 6:30 am. We will then drop off students at Alturia, Oak, and Bartlett Elementary, Elmore Park and Bonlin Elementary. We pick up students from Alturia, Bartlett Elementary, Ellendale Elementary, Bonlin Elementary, Oak, and Elmore Park, and bring them to GPCC, where they can stay until 6:00 pm. We offer a homework room during the school year with a teacher volunteer. Students can play outside or inside, and during the school year, we offer a Mustard Seed program and church chapel for Christian education.

Summer Program

During the summer, we offer care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Our preschool students do in-house field trips and activities throughout the summer, such as Water Day, Lichterman Nature Center, Pizza Day, Water Slides, Bouncy Houses, Movie Day, Ice Cream/ICEE Truck Day.

Our school age children attend off-site field trips such as the pool, Daylight Donuts, Memphis Point Gymnastics, Memphis Zoo, Pizza Social, Dinstuhl’s Chocolate, Bartlett Performing Arts Center, Cordova Bowling, as well as in-house field trips.

Summer hours are 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.